Ceramic Reusable Cup

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All ceramic reusable cup options are FRANK'S branded

Featuring with shatter-proof ceramic cup, spill-proof lid, and 3-6 hours of temperature retention. it’s a perfect pick for coffee enthusiast who want everyday cup that enhances the coffee experience, every sip is like your first.

  1. Greblon® Ceramic engineered to be durable, and easy to clean
  2. Double wall insulation, light weight and spill-proof lid
  3. Ergonomically designed to fit perfectly in your hand
  4. Premium Finish for an aesthetic protective finish. (Note: Handle Luxe Black with care to avoid external scratches)
  5. 3 hours hot, 6 hours cold (Best served 65°C-80°C/140°F-176°F)
  6. 8oz / 227ml – 11.4cm(H) x 8.1cm(W) x 8.4cm(D)