San Adolfo - Carbonic Maceration Pacamara

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This coffee is the product of collaboration between two producers in the town of San Adolfo - Andres Guaca and Omar Saul Tapiero.

After the harvest, these beans are fermented in steel tanks with additional CO2 in order to bring out unique and funky characteristics of the Pacamara beans. 


We think it tastes like feijoa, nutmeg, cinnamon, raspberry and cocao.


This coffee can be roasted for espresso or filter brewing.

We recommend waiting 14 days after roasting for optimal taste.


Origin: Huila, Colombia

Farm and farmer: San Adolfo, Andres Guaca and Omar Saul Tapiero

Varietal: Pacamara

Altitude: 1700m~1800 masl

Process: Carbonic Maceration


Brewing recommendation:


18g in, 40g out, about 27 - 30 seconds  

Pour over

15 g of coarsely ground coffee

250 ml of water at 92 degrees

Pour over 2 minutes