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KRUVE Brewler

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Kruve presents the latest technology in coffee - the Brewler! A ruler for your brew!

Ever asked yourself what grind size you need for a particular brew method? Don't like to use arbitrary measurements like sea salt or sugar? Want to know which way to adjust your grinder?

The brewler is a stainless steel multi-tool to assist you in coffee grind measurements. With precision holes showing grind size from 200um all the way to 1600um you can now visually check the size of your grind. Then based on the magnetic conversion chart you can adjust accordingly.

Features and Benefits

  • Measure your grind – Grind size measurements from 200-1600um
  • Grade your green beans – Bean size measurements from 11-20/64″
  • Convenient coffee conversions
  • 15cm ruler – great for measuring portafilter basket size.
  • Calibrate your grinder – Use it for grinder calibration
  • Grade your green coffee beans


How to Use

Place a small amount of ground coffee on a flat surface and line the BREWLER up beside it. Based on the holes (measured in microns) on the BREWLER evaluate the size of your particles. You will most likely have some outliers in size so just look for average size. Adjust your grind based on this.