Luz Helena Salazar - Anaerobic Natural

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Farmer Luz Helena Salazar has been growing coffee for 35 years and owns her own farm in Colombia, the Finca Maracay. This coffee has been exposed to a dry anaerobic fermentation for 52 hours. Once fermented, the cherries are dried on raised beds with the cherry intact.


We think it tastes like…strawberry, mint, orange, apple and caramel.


Origin: Armenia, Quindio, Colombia 

Farm and Farmer: Finca Maracay, Luz Helena Salazar 

Varietal: Castillo

Altitude: 1450 - 1500m 

Process: Anaerobic Natural Fermentation 

Fermentation: 52 hours in grain pro bags  

Brewing Recommendation: 


19g in 40g out, 28 - 30 seconds 


20g medium - coarsely ground coffee

300mls 93degree water 

Tare scales and start timer 

Pour 50g coffee 

At 45seconds, pour to 120g 

At 1.30min pour to 180g 

At 2.15mins pour to 240g 

At 3mins pour to 300g 

At 3.45mins remove brewer, give the coffee a stir and enjoy!


Plunger/French Press: 

23g coarsely ground coffee

300g 96degree water 

Add 60g hot water onto coffee in plunger 

Allow to bloom for 30seconds 

Add 240g hot water 

Stir 5 times 

Brew for 4 mins

Remove scum and foam from top 

Place plunger lid on top, but do not plunge 

Brew for another 4 minutes 

Carefully plunge half way, then pour your coffee into your favourite coffee cup and enjoy!