Luis Anibal Calderón - Lactic Washed PB

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Luis Anibal has been growing coffee for over 20 years but has only recently made his way onto the specialty coffee market. Now, he is one of the star producers in Colombia, constantly pushing the boundaries of how coffee can be grown and processed. This is our second coffee from Luis, which is of the same varietal, a Pink Bourbon, but has been through a different processing method. 

Cherries are hand picked and sorted on the farm at their ripest, and then placed into grain pro bags at 20 degrees to ferment for 48 hours. This environment creates a higher concentration of lactic acid than typical fermentation, which has lead to the process being known as Lactic fermentation. The cherries are then pulped of their skin and gently washed in spring water, before being placed on raised beds and dried. 

We think it tastes like….rose tea, strawberry, panela, apple and sweet chocolate


Origin: Acevedo, Hulia, Colombia 

Farm and Farmer: Finca Villa Betulia, Luis Anibal Calderon 

Varietal: Pink Bourbon 

Altitude: 1500 - 1600m 

Process: Lactic Washed 

Fermentation: 48 hours