Andres Guaca - Carbonic Maceration

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Andres Guaca is a third generation coffee producer who, five years ago, entered the specialty coffee scene through focusing on post-harvest practices such as controlled experimental fermentation techniques. He now grows exotic varietals such as Caturra, Pink Bourbon, Pacamara, and Geisha.

After being picked at perfect ripeness, these coffee beans are fermented in steel tanks for 62 hours with added CO2.

We think it tastes like...strawberry, cacao, passionfruit, pineapple, floral and caramel 

Origin: Huila, Colombia

Farm and Farmer: Finca Guacanas, Andres Guaca

Varietal: Yellow Variedad Colombia

Altitude: 1750-1900m

Process: Natural Carbonic Maceration

Fermentation: 64 hours